Now offering JKTC To-Go Kits!

We understand you are probably looking for an art activity to keep your child busy while there is no school.  We have put together a selection of some studio favorites you can choose from to help you with their creative time.

     Select your ceramic pieces in advance, select a date, come to the studio and we will provide curbside pickup! Easy as pie! A ceramic pie, that is!  

Each ceramic piece comes with your choice of 6 glaze colors or 6 acrylic paint colors and instructions. If you choose to use our glaze colors, you'll get brushes to use too!

Glazed pieces will should be returned after you are done creating, and we will fire them at the studio! If you choose to paint your piece with acrylics, the piece can dry at home!

For those who are returning customers and know a specific item not listed please contact us directly at the studio 609-339-2679 and we will be happy to help in any way we can to get you the ceramic piece you are looking for.